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Guaranteed Metal Detector Meet or Beat Internet Policy

At Accurate Metal Detectors, I would like to start with by thanking you for viewing our Website. We have developed this policy to assist you as a buyer. With so many dealers not quite telling you the whole truth or grossly exaggerating free items we decided to set the record straight with out Meet or Beat Internet Policy. This way you can honestly compare and make the best decision as a buyer. When you buy a Garrett Security Scanner or Walk-Through Detector you are buying the best of the best in metal detecting electronics. We have been in business since 1993 and plan on being here a long time. I want you to feel safe and confident we will be friendly and honest with you. Don't be afraid to call us Toll Free 800-662-0810 Mobile 361-255-9300 for pricing you will get the same fantastic deal. We don't punish our customers that wish to have a human voice to speak with. We want your business so please call us today and get a safe professional and honest response.

We are here to provide technical support and anwsers to all your questions regarding
the purchase of a Garrett Security Scanner or Walk Through metal detector both before & after the sale.

Our Policy is Easy and Honest.

We want to be your last stop!

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We will match or beat any legitimate offer you have gotten in writing from an Authorized dealer.

We prefer giving quality promotional items at a fair price.

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No surprises No scams no Cons

We have Free Tech Support on any Metal Detector purchased

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My personal Promises as the CEO President of Accurate Metal Detectors.

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